Past cluster | Saturday, 11.02. – Sunday, 02.04.2017


The cluster Flesh (SITUATION #59 to #67) presents photographic moments in which the body and the image intersect to question their transforming nature. Flesh explores the interfaces where the gaze meets the body, is inscribed on its surface, penetrates its skin, and transforms it. How are images of the flesh and corporeal modes of perception being altered, sometimes subtly, sometimes more radically, in the face of new technologies – and in a time when these images circulate on networked screens that are becoming increasingly enmeshed with our own bodies?

  • Ulf Langheinrich
  • The Machine To Be Another
  • Christof Nüssli
  • Georges Tony Stoll
  • Corpo/Real
  • Philipp Dorl
  • Luise Marchand
  • Long Live the New Flesh