All That Matter(s) | 2018 21.09. – 02.12.2018 | online


From Infinite Memories, screen capture, courtesy Galerie Valentin and It's Our Playground, 2017 © It's Our Playground

It’s Our Playground have been invited by Fotomuseum Winterthur to take part in a residency happening in online and physical space. Over the course of the SITUATIONS cluster, the artist and curator duo will create an ongoing project by appropriating and remixing material that Fotomuseum has produced and collected over the last 25 years – installation shots, essays from publications, as well as images from collection works. Researching, assembling and juxtaposing images and text from the museum online, It’s Our Playground will visualise their process on a webpage which will continually evolve over the two months of the residency. During this time they will also pay a visit to Fotomuseum to engage in conversation with the curatorial team and other actors from its network, and to experience the original works from the museum collection in their physical form.

Moving in a fluid way between digitised and born-digital content, as well as appropriated images and photographed material, the project reflects on the various forms photography can take and the diverse channels in which knowledge travels and materialises in a museum. Finally, the project experiments with alternative ways institutions can involve artists and their content in their research and practice, in an attempt to create hybrid programs and approaches that move within the distributed network of Fotomuseum, between its online platform and its physical environment.

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