​From Print to Pixel: A Glossary of Photographic Techniques 21.09. – 02.12.2018 | online


The Daguerreotype process, photogrammetry and C-print: photography has always been diversified and always been subject to change. Since the beginning of the history of photography, problematical issues have often been the motive force behind further technical advances in the medium. Toxic and expensive substances have thus been replaced by less harmful and cheaper alternatives, cameras and image carriers have become smaller and more mobile, and the operation of the equipment and the handling of light-sensitive materials have become simpler. And what set the democratisation of photography in motion and turned consumers into producers has undergone a new surge of development with the emergence of the digital camera and social media.

This glossary starts with ten terms from photographic processes and will be extended during the course of SITUATIONS/Lab. As education expands at Fotomuseum, the glossary will form a basis for an understanding of the photographic techniques and processes with which we shall repeatedly come into contact in connection with the exhibited works.