Data Detox Sunday 25.11.2018 | Fotomuseum Winterthur


Data are a big talking point, as they can be stolen, abused and traded. Nevertheless, we do little for our data security and to erase our data traces. We install apps, surf the web, register on online platforms, use geolocation services and engage in unencrypted communication. Too often we click on “accept” without knowing exactly what kind of access we have just consented to. And in any picture that we take and circulate online, metadata are concealed that reveal much more about us than is visible in the pictures themselves. In view of all this, do we have our digital identities under control?

Data Detox Sunday invites visitors to join us in taking a closer look at our online behaviour and see how we are coping with our data. The Data Detox Bar is open from 12:00–18:00. Data Detox Kits are available on site and provide assistance with an 8-day course of data detoxification. Bring your mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptop computers and get started with the aid of the informative instructions, or consult the members of the art education team who will be present. You can also take the kits home with you. Specialised input on encrypted communication and anonymous surfing along with info graphics and videos in the exhibition supply additional information on privacy and data protection.

​More about data and privacy:

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