Networked Cameras 09.02. – 22.04.2018 | online


Global networks and new properties of the digital image have transformed the camera apparatus into an integral and indistinguishable part of a digital infrastructure. Images are shared instantly after being taken, to the point where the boundaries among the act of photographic capture, image distribution and its materialisations become increasingly blurred. Artists have rethought ideas of what constitute a camera based on the new possibilities offered by networks and algorithms, where the camera has essentially become a network in itself. What follows is a list of experimental projects that have been developed in recent years and challenge our understanding of the photographic apparatus:

Dries Depoorter and Max Pinckers, Trophy Camera v0.9, 2017.

Ross Goodwin, Word.Camera, 2016.

Andrew Kupresanin, Nadia, Intelligent Camera Interface, 2010.

Hsinseungback Kimyonghun, Aposematic Jacket, 2014.

Marco Land, CCamera, 2017.

Golan Levin & Zachary Lieberman, Reface, 2007.

Golan Levin, Chris Sugrue, and Kyle McDonald, Augmented Hand Series, 2014.

Kyle McDonald, Sharing Faces, 2013–2014.

Sascha Pohflepp, Buttons, 2006 –2010.

Matt Richardson, Descriptive Camera, 2012.

Philipp Schmitt, Camera Restricta, 2015.

Eric Siu, Eeyee, 2008.

Akihiko Taniguchi, Lens-less Camera, 2009.

Jeffrey Thompson, Every Possible Photograph, 2013.

WordsEye Inc, wordseye, 2014.