Lecture & Workshop Networked Images. creating | researching | collecting | curating 21.09. – 22.09.2018 | Fotomuseum Winterthur


Visualization of the Twitter Network. Detail: There exists a single component in this network that encompasses 7% of the network, but there are other areas of high centrality outside that component, from the blog Digital Humanities, Stanford University Libraries by Elijah Meeks. Source: dhs.stanford.edu/gephi-workshop/twitter-network-gallery

Photography no longer applies only to analogue prints developed in the photographer’s dark room. It rather alludes to images that are created with digital devices such as digital cameras and smartphones, or that are entirely computer-generated. The digital image does not necessarily have to be printed out in order to be perceived. Instead, it often remains as a networked image in the virtual space and on screens, where it is created, shared, altered by other users – so-called prosumers – and again distributed. This new status of the photograph also has an impact on its artistic production.

More than merely tackle the social aspects of the photographic medium going viral on social media platforms or image hosting services, the lecture and workshop of “Networked Images” aims to specifically focus on artistic photographic works with a digital context or origin. Those images characterised by their viral reproducibility appearing on various possible surfaces challenge the traditional notion of a unique physical piece of art yet are treated as such.

Taking into account the ephemeral and intangible nature of these art works, we wish to enlarge upon the topic of “Networked Images” from different perspectives from theory and practice in order to gain an idea about the practices of their handling and, thus, about the state of their value.

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Admission is free, registration required at: stipend@fotomuseum.ch

Friday’s opening lecture by Susanne Holschbach will be held in German. Saturday’s workshop language is English.

Organised by Franziska Kunze and Katharina Zimmermann, Fellows of the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung in the programme “Museum Curators for Photography”.