Desktop research 15.04.2024 | Fotomuseum Winterthur


SITUATIONS is a dynamic exhibition format and a research laboratory that focuses on the shift in photographic images and visual culture we are experiencing today. The hybrid and fast-paced format is an ongoing investigation into the increasingly computational, distributed, networked and expanded constitution of photography as well its conditions, cultural effects, visual politics and social realities. SITUATIONS fosters an ongoing critical analysis of the subject matter that is our daily business while providing a space for creative exploration. It furthermore presents a prototypical model for a modern-day institutional structure that keeps in touch with the ever-changing pace of photography in both theory and practice, that stresses collaboration, knowledge exchange and critical, self-reflective discussion over individual practice, one-person narrative and curatorial authorship that largely define the institutional exhibition history of photography. With the three desktop videos presented in the SITUATIONS Lab set up in Winterthur, we provide a glimpse into the research work of Fotomuseum’s curators. The research questions that fuel our individual and institutional interests revolve around the status of the post-photographic image, its social and political context, as well a re-evalution of Fotomuseum’s collection from the point of view of post-photography.