Facial recognition

What can machines read in our faces and what is this information used for? These are the kinds of questions explored in the comprehensive package of teaching material on facial recognition. It includes preparation material for teachers, background information, videos and worksheets that can be worked on digitally or printed out. Download now for free!

Drawing on examples derived from everyday situations and contemporary artistic practice, the students are encouraged to critically examine their own image production and the technology of facial recognition. Today, this technology has already found its way into many areas of our lives – from unlocking our smartphones and applying Snapchat filters to using the automated passport control at the airport – and is tied up with a number of moral, legal and social questions.

The interactive teaching materials Facial Recognition – What Can Machines Read in Our Faces and What Is This Information Used For? can be downloaded directly here and worked on either digitally in Adobe Acrobat or in the form of a printout.

Disclaimer: Fotomuseum Winterthur is a non-profit foundation. The teaching materials are developed and made available for educational and cultural purposes and may solely be used for teaching and extracurricular settings. Any commercial use is not permitted. The images reproduced here are treated as quotations, whose use is permitted under Swiss copyright law (URG). Links to third-party websites are provided as reference. If you have any remarks, suggestions or complaints, please contact Jovana Pavlović at; we will take up the matter forthwith.

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