SITUATION #92: Vilém Flusser, from "Digital Apparition", 1996



"Before our doubting eyes, alternative worlds begin to emerge from the computers: lines, surfaces, and soon also bodies and moving bodies, made up of point elements. These worlds are colourful and emit sounds, and in the near future they will probably also be touched, smelled, and tasted. But that isn’t all, because the moving bodies that will soon be realized through calculation and which are beginning to emerge from computation, will be equipped with the artificial intelligence of Turing’s man, so that we will be able to enter into dialogical relationships with them".
Quote from Vilém Flusser, "Digital Apparition", in Timothy Druckrey (ed.), Electronic Culture: Technology and Visual Representation, London: Aperture, 1996, pp. 242–245, p. 242.

Cluster: Immersive