SITUATION #94: Adrian Flury, A Place I've Never Been, 2015


Fotomuseum Winterthur

A Place I've Never Been, Filmstill, HD-Video, 4:40 Min., 2015 © Adrian Flury

The images in Adrian Flury’s A Place I've Never Been seem flickering and wobble. The effect is reminsicent of some late nineteenth century proto-cinematic devices in which single, static images are condensed to create motion sequences. This basic principle of cinematographic illusion lies at the heart of Flury’s photomontage video. The experimental filmmaker trawled hundreds of online holiday snaps shared on image hosting sites and travel blogs featuring the sights of Athens. He then animated this digital archive to create a visual flow that blurs the boundaries between photographic image and cinematic aesthetic. A finely attuned soundtrack accentuates the perspectival and temporal shifts between the individual images. A Place I've Never Been transfigures places into a new, media-driven reality that lures the viewer into its very core.

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Kindly supported by Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne and Temperatio Foundation.

Cluster: Immersive