SITUATION #134: Florian Amoser, from Aporetic Spectacle, 2017


Fotomuseum Winterthur

From Aporetic Spectacle (46°32'24.3060"N 8°34'48.0144"E 2m / 46°32'24.4176"N 8°34'48.0072"E 43m), lambda print, 2017 © Florian Amoser
Aporetic Spectacle, Drone Flight Pattern, 2018 © Florian Amoser
Aporetic Spectacle, Camera Gimbal, 2018 © Florian Amoser

In his series Aporetic Spectacle, Florian Amoser employs a computational camera that vertically scans selected architectural landscapes. The imaging system is attached to the bottom of an autonomous drone that is programmed to continuously repeat an identical flight pattern and capture the same scene over and over. The software attempts each time to stitch the captured data into a seamless image, yet it endlessly fails in its reconstruction of a flawless visual perception. The result of this process is a series of images that highlights a tension between a machinic and a human vision. Within this tension, the uncontrolled distortions of the landscape can be seen as a subtle resistance towards the camera program to replicate the human eye, as if an unconscious machinic vision were emerging through the patterns and manifesting itself in the image.

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Cluster: Posthuman