SITUATION #112: Antye Guenther, from Die Karte (The Map), 2011


Fotomuseum Winterthur

From Die Karte (The Map), offset print, 45 x 65 cm, 2011 © Antye Guenther

In her work Die Karte (The Map), Antye Guenther begins with the claim that “the urban realm, as a chaotic, self-organising space, is capable of creating highly complex normative structures”. To test this hypothesis, she photographed urban scenes while wandering through European, Russian and Japanese cities. The outcome is a series of images of backyards, busy traffic intersections, side streets and building sites, to which Guenther restropectively added diagrams and comments. These superimposed arrows, circles and other markings add to the already dense character of the imagery. In attempting to break down the encountered scenes and prompt questions relating to both visual analysis and urban development by means of a technical, bureaucratic language, Guenther ultimately – not without a sene of irony – alters the linear perception of the series and evokes associations with system and chaos theory.

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Cluster: Infrastructure