Fotomuseum Winterthur | Online Events | Wednesday, 22.03.2023, 20:00–21:00

Online Talk with Hulda Zwingli: Feminist Activism on Social Media

Hulda Zwingli is an anonymous artist collective, activist and Instagram personality. Since the founding of the collective on the occasion of the women's march on June 14 2020, Hulda has been scrutinising and denouncing gender inequality in the art world as well as in public space with distinct statistics and astute commentary – because #representationmatters. In an online talk, Hulda Zwingli gives insight into the activist work of the artists' collective on social media, whereby Hulda highlights different strategies of feminist internet activism.

The event is free, will be held in German and takes place on Zoom. Details on how to access the online talk will be confirmed upon registration. Register here.

This event takes place in the framework of the exhibition VALIE EXPORT – The Photographs It is the first show to focus on the photographic oeuvre of the artist VALIE EXPORT (b. 1940), whose at times provocative performances and experimental installations have been a source of controversy. The show examines EXPORT’s use of photography as a critical exploration of processes of depiction and representation. At the interface of film, video art, drawing and body art the photographs offer a new perspective on her creative oeuvre.