Tobias Zielony

Gruppe 7

Tobias Zielony
Gruppe 7, 2003
From Behind the Block (Birmingham - Halle/Neustadt - Marseille), 2004
Slide installation in 81 parts, dimensions variable,
Collection Fotomuseum Winterthur

© Tobias Zielony

b. 1973 (Wuppertal, DE), lives and works in Berlin, DE
In the slide show Behind the Block, adolescent youths from suburban neighborhoods seem like extras in a film set. Otherwise capable of taking action based on their own ideas and desires, the portrayed subjects appear stunned against a backdrop of crime and violence. Employing a photographic style between reportage and subjective documentation that raises questions of authenticity, Tobias Zielony reveals the interplay between social exclusion and conformist interests within peer groups.