Herbert Weber

Eigenart von momentan

Herbert Weber
Eigenart von momentan, 2004
From Weiterführung der Arbeit, 2004 / 2005
Inkjet Print, 23.1 x 28.9 cm
Collection Fotomuseum Winterthur, acquisition with financial support by the Bundesamt für Kultur

© Herbert Weber

b. 1975 (Frauenfeld, CH), lives and works in Toggenburg, CH
Herbert Weber comments ironically on linear thought in his picture of the same name, depicting it as a kind of distorted, wooden, tortured thinking: only the elastic suspenders seem still to function; otherwise, the figure is obviously waiting in vain for one of the knotholes scattered across the wooden panelling to open up and allow a view of the world and some insight. Weber’s choreographed cabinet pieces – most of them realised in a “natural habitat,” with himself as a respectably clothed, correctly coiffed protagonist – deal with themes of everyday life and small philosophical questions, while at the same time, adding some irony to them. A humorous distance is easily established between the mostly black-and-white scenes, the titles and underlying text.