Past cluster | Saturday, 28.04. – Sunday, 01.07.2018


Surveilling, monitoring and controlling have been historically associated with powers attributed to photographic media. Furthermore, photography has always been the enabler of our latent and voyeuristic desires, and as such a site of projection of our cultural imaginary as well as a space of negotiation of self-images. How have these dynamics changed and been intensified by the present role of distributed photographic media, as we keep moving between the desire to control and to be looked at, short-circuited between our role of producer and consumer, of fan and fractal celebrity?

SITUATIONS/Follower explores some of the current shifts, revealing the construction of our representations online, exposing both our obsessive desires and vulnerable selves as well as the search for mastery and control through images. With works by Vito Acconci, David Goldblatt, Pia Hellenthal & Giorgia Malatrasi, Lauren McCarthy, Marisa Olson, Jenny Rova, and more.

Kindly supported by Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne.

  • Lauren McCarthy
  • Workshop Photographing Virtual Spaces
  • David Goldblatt
  • Jenny Rova
  • Jodi Dean
  • Vito Acconci
  • anonymous asks
  • Marisa Olson