Past cluster | Saturday, 17.09. – Sunday, 27.11.2016


The Filter cluster (SITUATIONS #42 to #53) examines the politics of images, questioning the hierarchies of social power and value systems that are inscribed into their production, selection and circulation. What are the hidden structures and mechanisms deeply embedded in media technologies and their representations? How do they filter what we see and how we see it? And who claims the right to interpret?

  • Peter Tillessen & Jan Wenzel
  • Marc Lee
  • Tabita Rezaire
  • Louis Henderson
  • Nicholas Mirzoeff
  • Erica Scourti
  • Algorithms We Live By
  • Laia Abril
  • Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin
  • (Un)filtered Scenarios. An Experiment in Distributed Selection
  • B-ROLL with Andre