Hany Farid | 15.10. – 15.12.2015

Photo Forensics

From October 15 until mid-December, Hany Farid will shed light on the ubiquity of image manipulation and the nature of trust in photography from the point of view of photo forensics. He will discuss digital forensic techniques used to detect various forms of tampering in visual material that he argues may have the potential to restore — at least partially — our faith in photography.

Hany Farid

Hany Farid is Professor of Computer Science at Dartmouth. His research focuses on photo forensics, image analysis, and human perception. Together with his team, he develops mathematical and computational techniques to detect various forms of tampering in photos, videos, audios, and documents, and studies the ability of our visual system to perceptually detect photo manipulation. Hany Farid received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania, followed by a two year post-doctoral position in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT.