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Photographic images affect our perception and thinking and influence the actions we take – it is even more important, then, that we all learn to read and interpret images.

Our varied programme tackling image and media literacy has been created with the dedicated help of a growing group of artists, photographers and researchers. We fund two-thirds of these programmes ourselves – with the help of the admission fees we receive, contributions from private foundations and support from private sources and members of our friends’ association.

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  • free guided tours of the exhibition
  • a programme of cultural education for children and teenagers
  • free online events on specialist topics
  • networking events for up-and-coming photographers

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The support provided by members of the friends’ association allows us to steadily develop a diverse and dedicated programme of exhibitions, events and education focused on contemporary photography and visual culture.
In our annual report (in German) you can find more information about what our museum has to offer and how we use the contributions you make in support of our work.