The Fregoli Delusions | 2016 26.01. – 29.01.2017 | Ludicious – Zürich Game Festival


The Fregoli Delusions – Chapter I, screenshot, machinima, 2016 © COLL.EO

The Fregoli Delusions is a series of machinima videos taken within the game world of Forza Motorsport 2. Instead of playing the game to speed through the racing tracks, COLL.EO stops the car and moves the attention to the landscapes and characters populating the periphery of the game. The locations feature the real and fictional environments of Italian and French cities. Here, bored characters and mulitple clones of cheering fans take center stage as they are stuck in a perpetual loop, repeating their actions over and over again. With this series of tableaux inhabited by split personalities, paranoid visions and hallucinations, COLL.EO demonstrates how video games operate by means of specific forms of re-enactment between fiction and reality, displacing memories and geographies. By distorting and thus calling attention to the experience of video games, The Fregoli Delusions reflects on the new contemporary landscapes populated by non-human agents where we can comfortably lose our minds.

The Fregoli Delusions was shown at Ludicious – Zürich Game Festival (Alte Kaserne Zürich) from 26–29 January 2017.

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