Jean-Vincent Simonet, Mechanical Paintings: Experimental Printing Station 12.10. – 13.10.2019 | Fotomuseum Winterthur


From Mechanical Paintings, 2018– © Jean-Vincent Simonet

While pushing further his visual signature that is both excessive and ecstatic, Jean-Vincent Simonet turns to an elaborate experiment with printing techniques in his newest series Mechanical Paintings (2018–). In an arduous form of artistic labour and research, Simonet incessantly probes digital printers, papers, inks, epoxides and other chemicals, giving life to visual forms that become expressions of an infuriating printing process: one that seems driven by an obsession to ultimately outmaneuver its actual function – that of final fixation. Like synthetically generated living organisms, Simonet’s Mechanical Paintings appear object-like in quality. Insisting on remaining unfixed and unfinished, Mechanical Paintings lure us into the image reality that is our hybrid, excessive twenty-first century visual culture – and leave us burning with desire.

On the final weekend of SITUATIONS/Porn, Jean-Vincent Simonet will transform the exhibition space into an experimental printing station and give an insight into his artistic process. Special presentations in which the artist guides us through the printing process will take place on Saturday, 12 October and Sunday, 13 October at 16:00 (in English).

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