Jannemarein Renout, Waterfront, 25/05/14, 2:37:18 PM, 2014 07.07. – 16.09.2018 | Fotomuseum Winterthur


Waterfront, 25/05/14, 2:37:18 PM, inkjet print, 2014 © Jannemarein Renout
Jannemarein Renout, Waterfront, 25/05/14, 2:37:18 PM, 2014, SITUATION #133, SITUATIONS/Posthuman, installation view at Fotomuseum Winterthur, 2018 © Philipp Ottendörfer

A flatbed scanner is normally used to reproduce documents and originals as accurately and flawlessly as possible. In her artistic work, Jannemarein Renout uses open source software to alter the parameters of the scanner and let daylight into the open-lidded device. Unlike conventional photographic equipment, which uses a lens to bundle light and fix an image that aims to reproduce ‘reality’, the artist’s approach involves capturing landscapes in a way that allows for imperfect transitions and unforeseeable results. Renout creates reference-free colour fields whose alienatory aesthetic gives only an inkling of any relation to reality.

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