Joëlle Lehmann | Home Stories | 2014/2015 08.05. – 07.06.2015 | Fotomuseum Winterthur


“Elektro”, 2015, inkjet print © Joëlle Lehmann

For half a year, Joëlle Lehmann, a young artist from Bern, photographed the lives of a young Swiss generation. With the joint support of 20 Minuten Friday and Fotomuseum her commission took her to cities, suburbs, and rural areas. Her reportage Home Stories offers diverse images of Switzerland, which manage to avoid affirming or refuting established clichés. Lehmann has an eye for detail but also for the larger picture. Her images revolve around a yearning for refuge and a desire for intimacy and community. In parallel with the opening on 8 May 2015, a 64-page special edition of Friday appeared with additional images and texts.

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A cooperation between 20 Minuten Friday and Fotomuseum.