Plat(t)form 2009 | Fotomuseum Winterthur

Dick Duyves

For his pictures Dick Duyves travels to places where nature and civilization meet, giving new meanings to strange non-places and in-between spaces by photographing them. Geography and knowledge of place are secondary to him; he finds his subject matter everywhere. Like his main artistic inspirations, William Eggleston, Ed van der Elsken, and Garry Winogrand, he does not judge the situations he encounters, but in quiet and careful images he observes humankind’s point of contact with its surroundings. Although people generally do not appear in his images, their traces serve as all the more obvious signs of their presence, even if they are physically absent.

b. 1970 (Zaandam, NL), lives and works in Haarlem, NL

Dick Duyves, Camp Table, Malibu Beach, 2005, from the series Malibu Beach
Dick Duyves, Car, New Orleans, 2005
Dick Duyves, Park, Los Angeles, 2005
Dick Duyves, LA 01, China Town, 2005
Dick Duyves, Bottle, Sanagate, 2005