Fotomuseum Winterthur | Saturday, 03.03. – Sunday, 14.10.2007

Towards a New Ease – Set 4 from the Collection of the Fotomuseum Winterthur

For several decades, women were virtually compelled to occupy themselves primarily with themes relating to their own situation in art and the world, and thus to create a (feminist) expression in contemporary art. This was the only way, through intensive self-reflection and power analysis, that they stood a chance of being noticed. This is why the women’s art of the past 30 to 40 years is so intensively bound up with the concepts of identity and gender. Representative of this are artists such as VALIE EXPORT, Cindy Sherman and Rosemarie Trockel.

The exhibition Towards a New Ease – Set 4 from the Collection of the Fotomuseum Winterthur wants gently to ring in a new everyday life. It introduces work by a series of women in a joint exhibition, thus creating once again a communal rhetoric framework, whereby generations, formats, attitudes and approaches are mixed up together, and the exhibited works no longer revolve exclusively around the areas mentioned but demonstrate new, different ways that are now embarked upon by women in a natural way.

With works by Suky Best, Tacita Dean, Antje Dorn, Andrea Gohl, Nan Goldin, Nanna Hänninen, Annika von Hausswolff, Roni Horn, Valérie Jouve, Annette Kisling, Phoebe Maas, Leonore Mau, Annette Messager, Marianne Müller, Elisabeth Neudörfl, Ulrike Ottinger, Martha Rosler, Yoshiko Seino, Ann-Sofi Sidén and Pernilla Zetterman.

The exhibition was curated by Thomas Seelig.