Fotomuseum Winterthur | Saturday, 30.03. – Monday, 27.05.1996

Origins? – Gosbert Adler, Tina Barney, Richard Billingham, Anthony Hernandez, Fazal Sheikh, Carrie Mae Weems

In periods of forced mobility – in keywords: economic crises, streams of refugees, general deregulation – the question of origin becomes new and different. What is it worth now? Does it still count? Who asks about it these days? Who still insists on it? What does it mean individually, and what in general?

It is apparent that the most horrid atrocities can still be committed in its name; it is apparent that some desire to gain a bit of identity of origin, while others are only on the move, seemingly mobile without origin. The exhibition presents six photographers, each with a large group of works, with quite different contributions to the subject. Noticable, however, in all images – whether they show the loss of, or pride in origin – is that none of us can live totally without origin, completely mobile and unattached, and will not be able to live so, at least not without striking consequences.

The exhibition was curated by Urs Stahel.