Fotomuseum Winterthur | Saturday, 11.02. – Sunday, 07.05.2017

Francesco Jodice – Panorama

Panorama is the first international retrospective dedi- cated to the work of Italian photographer and filmmaker, Francesco Jodice (*1967), spanning twenty years of his artistic practice. In Panorama, places, times, and stories collide, addressing sociological questions about our urban world. Fundamental to all of Jodice’s works is that their final form and the process that leads to it are equally important. Panorama invites the viewers to un- ravel the threads of the artist’s comprehensive and visually compelling universe. By presenting a wide range of documents such as maps, books, newspaper clippings, and interviews spread out on forty-metre long table components, the exhibition offers insights into Jodice’s artistic process as positioned between theory and practice. Panorama presents an expansive geo- political scenario and an eclectic mosaic of a contemporary world in flux.

The exhibition is supported by Monterosa Group and Walter Haefner Foundation.

Panorama is organised in cooperation with CAMERA – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia in Turin.