Fotomuseum Winterthur | Saturday, 20.11.1999 – Sunday, 16.01.2000

Adam Fuss – Less of a Test than Earth

Adam Fuss, born in London in 1961, now lives and works in New York. In this age of computer generated images, his use of the simplest of all photographic techniques, the photogram, comes as a surprise. Through his use of generally large format Cibachrome paper, he redefines this process, the history of which extends back to the pioneers and masters of photography (Henry Fox-Talbot, László Moholy-Nagy and Man Ray). Employing organic materials, plants, flowers, animals, entrails, together with pendulums, smoke and lace, he re-focuses the accent towards contemporaries themes and towards a language of great beauty and precision.

His work – to be found where the world as science meets the world as image –provides a very exiting, original contrast to so-called mainstream contemporary culture. Using motifs which take up the themes of nature, energy, memory and longing, and with a visual language both wonderful and clear, he is searching for that place far removed from everyday life: Less of a Test than Earth.

The exhibition was curated by Urs Stahel. A cooperation with Iccarus, Munich, and the Bildmuseet, Umea.

Main sponsors: Winterthur International, Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, Hulda and Gustav Zumsteg-Foundation