Axel Hütte

Furka, Schweiz (I)

Axel Hütte
Furka, Schweiz (I), 1995
C-print/Diasec, each 205 x 162 x 6 cm,
Collection Fotomuseum Winterthur

© Axel Hütte

b. 1951 (Essen, DE), lives and works in Duesseldorf, DE
Axel Hütte draws on the 19th-century artistic tradition of landscape painting in many of his large-format tableaux. Photographed in very different regions of the world, his compositions are not intended to be characteristic representations of a particular place. Instead, he is interested in the construction of a visual space that deals with the theme of sight itself. For example, the diptych “Furka, Switzerland” (1995) conveys a vision of the landscape in which the boundaries between the concrete and the abstract are dissolved.