Eine Auswahl an Künstler_innenbüchern zu Foto-Text-Beziehungen 23.02. – 02.06.2019 | Fotomuseum Winterthur


Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, Holy Bible, London: Mack/Archive of Modern Conflict, 2013.

Natalie Czech, Je n'ai rien à dire, seulement à montrer = Ich habe nichts zu sagen, nur zu zeigen = I Have Nothing to Say, Only to Show, Leipzig: Spector Books, 2012.

Natalie Czech, I Cannot Repeat What I Hear, Leipzig: Spector Books, 2014.

Divino Amor do Guerrioro, SuperRio Superfictions, Rio de Janeiro: self-published, 2017.

Roc Herms, , self-published, 2016.

David Horvitz, Mood Disorder, Vancouver: New Documents, 2015.

Barbara Kruger, Thinking of You, Cambridge (Mass.) & Los Angeles: The MIT Press & The Museum of Contemporary Art, 1999.

Duane Michals, Upside Down, inside Out, and Backwards or Downside Up, outside In, and Frontwards, Sonny Boy Books, 1993.

Duane Michals, Real Dreams: Photostories, Danbury: Addison House, 1976.

Paul Paper, Contemporary Contemporary Photography, New York: Vandret, 2017.

Lotte Reimann, Paperback – Kurzgeschichte in Bildern mit Lotte Reimann, Fotomuseum Winterthur: self-published, 2017.

Clare Strand, Girl Plays with Snake, London: Mack, 2016.

Sylwana Zybura, Landscapes between Eternities, Berlin: Distanz, 2018.

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