Bernd Stiegler | 15.01. – 29.02.2012

Photographic Realism, an Attempt

In his blog series Photographic Realism, an Attempt, Bernd Stiegler will introduce six different aspects of photographic realism over the course of his six-week blogging period. The intention is to explore options beyond familiar theoretical trajectories, such as the indexical nature of photography or photography as social documentary. At first glance, these will perhaps seem quite removed from the fundamental question of realism. Each concept is one perspective among many and is definitely intended as a more or less provocative thesis. At second glance, each has the potential — this is the central hypothesis — to open up a wide field of theoretical questions and related topics. Each is an invitation to discuss.

Bernd Stiegler

Bernd Stiegler (*1964) is professor for German Literature and Media History at the University of Konstanz (Germany) with a specific focus on the history of photography. Recent publications include: Theoriegeschichte der Photographie, München: Fink 2006, Montagen des Realen. Photographie als Reflexionsmedium und Kulturtechnik, München: Fink 2009; Belichtete Augen. Optogramme oder das Versprechen der Retina, Frankfurt/Main: S. Fischer 2011.