Fahim Amir | 16.06. – 31.07.2015

From Cows in French Banlieues to Pigeons in Popular Culture

From June 16 until the end of July, Fahim Amir will write about the photographic depiction of unruly animals in the context of urban panic. He will engage with an exploration of animal spirits in the films La Haine and Ghost Dog: from cows in French banlieues to pigeons in popular culture.

Fahim Amir

Fahim Amir is currently lecturing at the Linz University of Art and Design. His research deals with transcultural, marxist and ecological questions of significant otherness in discourses and practices of architecture, urbanism and space. 2013 he was co-director of the Hamburg Live Art Festival Zooo3ooo – Occupy Species and co-editor of Modelhouse – Mapping Transcultural Modernisms (Sternberg Press). In 2014 he published 100 utopian books and curated Salon Klimbim: Feeding Vegetarian Tigers – Entertaining Utopian Sensibilities (Secession Vienna). Currently Amir is finishing his PhD project Pigeon Visions: Urbanist Practices, Modernist Aesthetics and Visions of Posthumanist Critique.