Annette Vowinckel | 20.05. – 30.06.2022

Very Long Tables: A First Sounding of Photography of the War in Ukraine.

Since the end of February, the news and social media have been flooded with images of Ukraine. Some were taken by professional photojournalists working for agencies such as Associated Press, for newspapers such as The New York Times, or as freelancers. Some were taken by Ukrainian citizens and posted on Instagram. Others were taken by presidential staff photographers. Over the next weeks, my blog series will examine such images—ranging from everyday snapshots to official records of events, from traditional documentary photographs to memes and TikToks—against the backdrop of visual war rhetorics and image circulation.

Annette Vowinckel

Annette Vowinckel is the head of the department for media history at the Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung/Centre for Contemporary History Potsdam and teaches contemporary history at Humboldt University Berlin. She is the author of Agenten der Bilder. Fotografisches Handeln im 20. Jahrhundert (Image Agents. Photographic Action in the 20th Century, Göttingen 2016) and a co-editor (with Jürgen Danyel and Gerhard Paul) of the book series Visual History. Bilder und Bildpraxen in der Geschichte (Visual History. Images and Visual Practices in History).