Ingrid Hoelzl, Rémi Marie | 01.03. – 30.04.2016

The Status of the Image in Digital Culture

The current blog series are co-written by image theorists Ingrid Hoelzl and Rémi Marie. Until the end of April, they will reflect on the status of the image in digital culture. They will examine the shift from the humanist to the posthumanist programme of the image, in line with the shift from the geometric paradigm of the image (based on the linear perspective) to the algorithmic paradigm (introduced with digitalization). Hoelzl and Marie will discuss the central idea of their book Softimage (2015), the image as a software, and reflect on the status of the image in the age of autonomous machines – the postimage.

Ingrid Hoelzl

Ingrid Hoelzl is Assistant Professor at the School of Creative Media, Hong Kong. She is the author of two books on photography including, most recently, Softimage: Towards a New Theory of the Digital Image (2015), co-authored with Rémi Marie. Her articles on the status of the image in digital culture have appeared in Photographies, History of Photography, Leonardo, Digital Creativity and Visual Studies.

Rémi Marie

Rémi Marie is an independent writer and author of JE (2010). His texts exploring the desires, politics, and economies of postmodern city nomadism, have appeared in French, Canadian and Austrian journals. During the last five years, he has collaborated with Ingrid Hoelzl, leading to their joint book, Softimage (2015), as well as articles co-published in Digital Creativity, Visual Studies and Visual Communication (forthcoming).