Kelley Wilder | 01.11. – 15.12.2012

Photography and Science

Kelley Wilder will blog on the topic of photography and science:

„What I hope to do over the course of this blog is to turn the conversation away from the art world and toward an area where photographic practices abound. The rich and intertwined histories of photography and science give us access to the voices and opinions of photographic insiders who have been written of as outsiders. The remainder of this blog will continue to look at the confluences and interdependences of photography and science in order to shed light on what some of these shifts might mean for studying and writing about photography.“

Kelley Wilder

Kelley Wilder (*1971) is Reader in Photographic History at the Photographic History Research Centre, De Montfort University, Leicester and 2012 Dr. Carlo Fleischmann Visiting Professor in Photography at the University of Zurich. She has worked extensively on 19th century photography as an editor of The Correspondence of William Henry Fox Talbot (2003) and Fenton’s Letters from the Crimea (2004). More recently she has written on subjects in photography and science, including Photography and Science (2009), and “Visualizing Radiation: The Photographs of Henri Becquerel” in Histories of Scientific Observation (2011).