«The Hobbyist» Critical Talk: What’s up, YouTubers? Dominik Landwehr in conversation with young YouTubers

Sunday, 21.01.2018, 11:30-12:30

Critical Talk: What’s up, YouTubers?

Cultural and media scholar Dominik Landwehr in conversation with young YouTubers.

Within just a few years, the video-sharing website YouTube has become a global platform for the representation of contemporary youth cultures, both in the mainstream and outside it. Thanks to the availability of new and easy-to-use devices, such as smartphones and highly portable video cameras, the act of creating videos and posting them online has become a hobby for many teenagers and young adults. Culture and media theorist Dominik Landwehr has studied the phenomenon in depth, and at the Fotomuseum he will talk to YouTubers about their practice, their success, and what happens when niche phenomena begin to grow in popularity. One participant in the discussion will be CocoASMR, a YouTuber who creates “whisper videos” for relaxation and who currently has 30,000 subscribers to her channel.

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Credit: Screenshot © CocoASMR