Artist Talk «Mapping Hong Kong's Bet on Greed»: Volker Heinze in conversation with Wolfgang Ullrich

Sunday, 22.10.2017, 13:30-14:30

The conversation between Volker Heinze and Wolfgang Ullrich will be in German.

The photo series Ballet of Trolleys, Bags and Capsules (2016), by Volker Heinze (b. 1959 in Duisburg), depicts scenes from outside Hong Kong’s megalomaniacal shopping malls. These close-ups of the prize purchases of high-end consumers, featured in The Hobbyist, are also part of a larger complex of works titled Mapping Hong Kong’s Bet on Greed, which is soon to be published in book form. Heinze will speak with art historian Wolfgang Ullrich about his work and the complex historical and social structures of the Chinese megalopolis. One question that will surely be discussed, in the context of this exhibition: Can consumption be a hobby?

Included in the exhibition ticket price.

Volker Heinze, Mapping Hong Kong's Bet on Gree, 2016

Credit: © Volker Heinze, Mapping Hong Kong's Bet on Greed, 2016