Memes and GIFs, selfies and Instagram filters, algorithms and neural networks, screenshots and drone images, networked feminism and online activism, content moderators, influencers and attention economies: In recent decades, the networked digital image has spawned new visual forms and cultural practices at a phenomenal speed – with unprecedented social and political ramifications. The SITUATIONS format has tracked and analysed these photographic developments over a period of five years. The projects Photographic Flux and From Print to Pixel have continued the discussion of the subject through educational programmes offered at the museum and in schools.

  • Goodnight Sweetheart
  • The Googlified Image
  • Networked Activism
  • Just Click and Apply?
  • Mitra Azar
  • Simone C. Niquille
  • Jeremy Welsh
  • Sofia Crespo
  • Me(me), Myself and I
  • Gene Kogan
  • Shawné Michaelain Holloway
  • You Must Not Call It Photography If This Expression Hurts You
  • Conference Image Net/Works
  • Andrew Norman Wilson
  • Future Art Education
  • The Archival Master (File)
  • Clément Chéroux, Erik Kessels, Joachim Schmid, Joan Fontcuberta, Martin Parr
  • Desktop research
  • Mapping Post-Photography
  • Networked Photography – New Educational Formats
  • Adam Basanta
  • Geraldine Juárez
  • Corpo/Real
  • Tabita Rezaire