SITUATION #87: Emile Barret and MusicForEggplant, EFFE (Eternal Freedom For Eggplant), 2017


LISTE Art Fair Basel

Headquarter for Eggplant (from the series E.F.F.E.), 2017 © Emile Barret
Ring for Eggplant (from the series E.F.F.E.), 2017 © Emile Barret

MusicforEggplant will infiltrate the old printing space within LISTE to create an ever mutating environment exploring the world of conspiracy theories. Inspired by the recent online #FreeTheEggplant reaction to instagram’s ban on the eggplant emoji searches, the artists will create myths, symbologies, rumours and alternative narratives around the newly acquired mystery of the eggplant image. Working from the tradition of the printing space, once the epicentre of propaganda and visual communication, the artist collective will transform the space through an intervention that will employ the photographic image in its widest forms – from prints on fabrics and sheets to wall projections. Finally, collaborating with a collective throughout the course of the fair, the environment will become center stage for performances and role playing games involving visitors in a unique experience that questions the construction of facts and fiction, the implications of mediation within the information overload, and finally the act of editing, filtering, interpreting, coding and decoding.

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Kindly supported by Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne.

Cluster: Fact