SITUATION #80: Cristina de Middel, EXTRA! EXTRA!, 2017


Fotomuseum Winterthur

From EXTRA! EXTRA!, inkjet prints, 2017 © Cristina de Middel

Responding to an invitation by Fotomuseum, Cristina de Middel created an installation that recalls a time when the printed newspaper still enjoyed an ostensibly unwavering trust and was regarded as the medium for forming opinion; an installation that sets the critical status of physically distributed printed matter against the fluid yet no less problematic parameters of online news portals with their modification and postproduction of images and text. EXTRA! EXTRA! is the cry of the newspaper vendor trying to sell the once huge print runs on a busy high street. EXTRA! EXTRA! also resonates through the channels of digital media in the battle for likes, clicks, shares and comments. One is under the impression that, in the competition for reader attention, a global canon of keywords and key images has emerged in the last few years, one only too willingly followed by the newspaper-makers themselves.

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Kindly supported by Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne.

Cluster: Fact