SITUATION #125: Jenny Rova, ​I Would Also Like to Be – A Work on Jealousy, 2013


Fotomuseum Winterthur

​​"Postlåda 1053 Fjärilmåla“, 2013 © Jenny Rova

In her project I Would Also Like to Be A Work on Jealousy, Jenny Rova follows her ex and his new partner on social media, delving deep into their public and semi-public visual worlds. She uses collages to reconstruct the private and personal photographs of her former love, putting herself into the frame. By doing so, in what she herself describes as a field study of jealousy, she deliberately flouts the boundaries of moral decency. Do we have the right, in spite of all the technical opportunities at our disposal, to violate the private sphere of another person, even if it is publicly available and shared on Facebook or other platforms? Is it legitimate – whether as ex-girlfriend or as artist – to rewrite and reinterpret the personal narrative of another individual? In Rova's project, the current debate surrounding the breach of privacy and the permitted or unpermitted sharing and dissemination of metadata takes on an ambiguity that radiates out to shine a light on a number of important technical and social issues.

On Wednesday, 20 June 2018, at 6.30 p.m., Jenny Rova will talk about her work I Would Also Like to Be A Work on Jealousy and her artistic practice.

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