SITUATION #117: Steven Pippin, from The Continued Saga of an Amateur Photographer, 1993


Fotomuseum Winterthur

From The Continued Saga of an Amateur Photographer, gelatin-silver print, 45.3 x 62.5 cm, 1993 © Steven Pippin

In the early 1990s, Steven Pippin repurposed the facilities of an on-board toilet in the course of an hour to produce and develop a series of photographs on a train journey from London to Brighton. During this time, he used the semicircular toilet bowl as a simple pinhole camera, which lead to perspectival distortions in the images. The developing and fixing of the negatives was also far from perfect – stains, splashes and other intentional flaws in the images render the original motive of the bathroom only vaguely perceptible. Pippin places focus on the machine-based photographic process and the performative nature of his experimental image-making methods. His video documentation is crucial to understanding the work and enables the viewer to make sense of the absurd and playful way in which his almost abstract photographs are created.

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