2018, Simen Musæus & AE

Simen Musæus & AE
Haecceitic Lenses

Simen Musæus’ prototype engages with the possibility of creating semantically segmented images, cutting them up virtually and reorganising their form according to this segmentation. He simulates this process through scans of Norwegian beach-valleys, crunching complex topologies into geometry which can then be segmented and represented diagrammatically. The result is a transformative ecology expressed through data, a process heralding a semantic turn for images.

(Still 1) Semantic segmentation, 01.01.1970, © Simen Musæus
(Still 2) Semantic mesh, 01.01.1970, © Simen Musæus
(Still 3) Pointcloud projection, 01.01.1970, © Simen Musæus
Prototype excerpts, 01.01.1970, © Simen Musæus