2018, Faith Holland

Faith Holland
Plastic Pixels

Plastic Pixels dissects the portraiture of stock photography to reveal the extent of its manipulation. Faith Holland separates the different layers of the portrait, paring the image back to create photographic ghosts that speak to the distortions of the beauty industry. But as she also suggests, the ghosts offer a glimpse into a not-too-distant future, one of manufactured humans, cyborgs designed and perfected by the algorithm.

DSC8292-correctingtones.psd, 2016, © Faith Holland
DSC5838-burn.psd, 2016, © Faith Holland
DSC5838-liquify.psd, 2016, © Faith Holland
DSC6536-highlights.psd, 2016, © Faith Holland
DSC8292-burn&dodge.psd, 2016, © Faith Holland