2018, Brenna Murphy

Brenna Murphy
Domain, Wrap, Extrude

Brenna Murphy’s prototype is a photographic sculptural installation that exists across both virtual and physical space. The physical realm is a printed tapestry placed on the floor. Using a Vive Virtual Reality headset the viewer explores a virtual landscape by physically walking around the tapestry area. Navigating a world of abstracted elements, the work explores the perceptual frameworks of an experience both virtual and embodied.

Array Dense Present, 2016, © Brenna Murphy
Earth Element Hyper Cube, 2016, © Brenna Murphy
2016, © Brenna Murphy
Earth Spread Function, 2016, © Brenna Murphy
Elemental Ally Array, 2016, © Brenna Murphy
Sentience Array Processor, 2016, © Brenna Murphy
LoRezScreen Recording 166, 2016, © Brenna Murphy