The Photographers' Gallery | Online Events, Events | Friday, 22.09, 18:00 – Sunday, 24.09.2023, 13:00

Screen Walks Weekend

To celebrate more than three years of Screen Walks – a series of live-streamed explorations of digital spaces – The Photographers' Gallery in London is hosting a Screen Walks Weekend of performances, guided tours and games. The events taking place will continue the playful yet critical exploration of the world of digital and networked images and online visual culture; from exploring TikTok screens with Nina Davies to searching for minerals on the banks of the Thames with Max Dovey, from collective AI image creation activities to a tour of the media powers that occupy Soho with Alistair Gentry.

Friday, 22.09.2023
18:00–21:00: Screen Walk with Nina Davies, performances by #Sergina and Trâm

Saturday, 23.09.2023
11:00–13:00: Rare Earth Walks with Max Dovey
14:00–17:00: AI Exquisite Corpse
15:00–16:00: A Sleazy Tour of Soho and Fitzrovia with Alistair Gentry

Sunday, 24.09.2023
11:00–13:00: Photo Roulette World Tournament

Please note: The times are local times in the GMT+1 time zone.

The events are free (RSVP is required) and take place either online or at The Photographers’ Gallery in London. Find more information here.