Serie, Photographic Futures
Photographic Futures

From mid-April till the end of May, Armen Avanessian's & Anke Hennig's blog series on "Photographic Futures" will explore the temporality of the photographic image. Do photographic images participate in the practice of preemption we encounter everywhere in an age of digital data control? Or can we imagine in its stead a photographic contemporaneity that would take the form of a contemporaneity with the future?

Armen Avanessian is a philosopher and political scientist. He worked at the Free University Berlin and was a Visiting Fellow in the German Department at Columbia University and Yale University as well as visiting professor at various art academies in Europe and the US. He is editor at large at Merve Verlag, Berlin, in charge of the theory program at Volksbühne Berlin, and co-founder of the Bureau of Cultural Strategies. His work is translated into multiple languages. English monographies include Irony and the Logic of Modernity (DeGruyter, 2015), Overwrite. Ethics of Knowledge – Poetics of Existence (Sternberg Press, 2017) and Miamification (Sternberg Press, 2017).


Together with Anke Hennig, he has co-authored Present Tense. A Poetics (Bloomsbury, 2015; in German Diaphanes, 2012) and Metanoia. A Speculative Ontology of Language, Thinking, and the Brain (Bloomsbury, 2017; in German Merve, 2014). They are co-founders of the trans-national research platform (including a series of events, translations and publications) Spekulative Poetik.

Anke Hennig is a theorist of 21st century literature and visual culture and author of Soviet Cinematic Dramaturgy (in German Vorwerk 8, 2010). Recently she was Visiting Professor at University of the Arts, Berlin and teaching at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London. She is chairing the international research group Retro-Formalism. She holds a PhD from the Peter Szondi Institute of Comparative Literature at Free University Berlin and has been a Fulbright Fellow at New York University.